Recital Checklist


8.5" x 11" recital checklist for you to mail to your parents.  Give them a form to check off they've completed all of their essential recital and end of year tasks - picked up their costumes, ordered their recital DVD, purchased their tickets, registered for summer classes, etc!

What will I receive?

You will receive a high-quality PDF download of the checklist including all customizations specified that can be printed on your home or office printer or sent to a commercial printer to be professionally printed.  Need help getting your files professionally printed?  No problem!  We're happy to help get your project printed with one of our printing partners.

Included customizations:

  • Add studio logo to the logo placeholder.
  • Edit studio address.
  • Edit studio website.
  • Edit studio phone number.
  • Add checklist items (up to 12).

Further customizations:

  • Additional customizations are limitless - contact us with what you're thinking and we will provide a quote!